Sedation Dentistry

Chicago Sedation Dentistry in Lakeview

Does the pure thought of the dentist make you shiver? Constantly putting off your dental exams? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Phobias of the dentist are nothing new. But did you know there may be an option for you to receive painless, anxiety free dentistry? It’s true! Sedation dentistry may be your answer. Fortunately, at Belmont Dental Care we offer sedation dentistry in Lakeview, Chicago to help patients receive anxiety free dentistry.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry allows dental offices to assist in managing patients’ fears and phobias through anesthetics. Anesthesia is administered to a patient prior to having dental work done to dull pain, relax and ease anxiety. Sedation dentistry techniques vary depending on the patient, work being done and often time age.

Anxiety-free dentistry in Lakeview, Chicago

Belmont Dental Care understands the long time fears, anxieties and phobias that have come with visiting the dentist. We offer complimentary nitrous oxide sedation, also known as “laughing gas”. This method of conscious sedation is the most common type of sedation dentistry. “Laughing gas” is administered by breathing in combined nitrous oxide and oxygen through a mask. Your Lakeview dentist will control the amount given to you. Belmont Dental Care often uses a comfort syringe in conjunction with the nitrous oxide as it improves efficiency.

The beauty about the way we administer sedation dentistry is it can safely be used for nearly all dental procedures. Lakeview dentists, Dr. Parrott and Dr. Nguyen, want you to be as comfortable as possible at all times. If you are having a procedure and would like sedation dentistry, we will go over the options with you.

Additional benefits of nitrous oxide include:

  • Complimentary

  • Able to return to work or home

  • No lasting ‘hangover’

  • Pain-free dentistry

  • Relaxed state

Can children receive sedation dentistry?

Nitrous oxide is typically the route dentists take with children who have anxiety about the dentist. Some children have an incredibly tough time sitting still at the dentist, especially for procedural work. Nitrous oxide can be administered to help the child stay calm, relaxed and patient during the procedure. Since this type of sedation is “conscious sedation” the child will be able to respond to the dentist and let them know if they are in any type of discomfort. Ensuring safety during sedation is of the utmost importance to dentists while anyone is under sedation.

Why choose sedation dentistry?

Dental check-ups are necessary to the health of your mouth. Many people with fears and anxiety of the dentist will only go (maybe?) when something is terribly wrong. Catching decay and infection early can prevent extensive dental work later. With proper care sedation dentistry is safe and effective for patients. The health of your mouth is too important to the overall health of your body to let it go unattended. Instead of either: A) never having check-ups and ending up with decay, infection and oral cancer OR B) sitting in the dental office in agonizing mental pain; ask your dentist about your sedation options. Our Chicago dentists offer sedation dentistry in Lakeview so that you have the option to proper oral care without the associated anxiety. Contact us today for ANXIETY-FREE DENTISTRY!


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