Covid-19 Update

We’re pleased to announce that we are now Fully Operational and open to routine, elective, and preventive dental care! Although our usual services were postponed for over two months during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have remained busy getting ready to resume dental care. We have already employed strict infection control protocols, but have since implemented additional measures to help keep you as a patient and our team members safe.

These are some of the major changes we’ve implemented as a practice that you will see at your next appointment:

  1. Upon arrival, we will have you answer a COVID-19 questionnaire and will also take your temperature using a non-contact thermometer.
  2. You will notice plenty of hand sanitizer available around the office, and encourage you to wash your hands at one of our hand washing stations. We also ask that you wear a face covering when entering and exiting our practice.
  3. We are staggering and reducing appointments to reduce patient interaction, and allow for more time to disinfect your treatment room.
  4. You will always be in a fresh clean room. All of our clinical providers including your hygienists (Danielle and Mark) will be operating out of at least 2 different rooms. This allows every room to be thoroughly cleaned, air purified, and disinfected for at least 30 minutes prior to your arrival. We will alternate treatment rooms regularly.
  5. After following rigorous infection control procedures for disinfecting treatment areas, our clinical rooms are bathed with hospital grade UVC light as an added measure of safety.
  6. We have installed multiple high-volume medical grade air purifiers with H13 HEPA filters to filter out aerosols and germs.
  7. Our entire team has been expertly trained in the most up to date infection control procedures and are dedicated to ensure every room is thoroughly disinfected beyond recommended standards between each patient.
  8. We are temporarily limiting, and in some cases suspending, use of certain high aerosol generating instruments, and avoiding elective high aerosol generating services to help maintain the safety for both you and your providers.
  9. When applicable, we can do certain consultations and follow ups over the phone.
  10. Lastly, depending on the type of procedure being done, you will see us dressed in a lot more PPE than usual!

Should I go to the dentist?

Dental care is very important to holistic and systemic health. Decay and infection can grow and lead to larger and sometimes more painful problems. Cracks and structural concerns on teeth may worsen and not be fixable as time goes on. Here are some things to consider:

  1. If you’re feeling uneasy about coming in, simply call or email us and we will get you rescheduled.
  2. If you have a health concern and want to know if your particular medical and/or dental history plays a role in coming to the dentist, simply email us and Dr. Parrott will review your case and give you a recommendation.
  3. If you are experiencing swelling, pain, broken teeth, bleeding, infection, or any other emergent conditions, please do come in. These problems can escalate quickly, and can usually be solved within the same day.
  4. If you are otherwise healthy, we also recommend that you maintain your regular hygiene visits so we can help you maintain a strong immune system.


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